What is CanDo?

Can Do is created by International Education Media Co., Ltd.

on the principle that students have unlimited potential to achieve their highest goals. Hence, our duty is to provide the best learning tools so that students can thrive in education.

Can Do ..

is committed to providing what’s best for the education. Curriculum is based on

  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning: CLIL

    approach to language teaching, where students are exposed to foreign language

  • Different learning approaches

    such as BBL, BL, MI, TPR, inquiry-based, and content-based

  • Provides full services for both students and teachers

    supplying learning resources, teacher’s training & network, and standardised assessment.

Why CanDo?

Here are the many reasons Can Do should be your education choice.

Covers a comprehensive set of fun and engaging learning resources.

Adopts international English.

Uses the context of Asian culture.

Adheres to the principle of learning by doing.

Enhances creativity, essential thinking skills, and artistic values.

Produces user-friendly teacher’s book and ready-made lesson plans.

Now adopted by many schools in Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.

Offers standardised assessment.

Offers teacher training.

Chelsea Competency Test


Can Do are books that make my students enjoy learning English. Besides choosing Can Do for teaching at my educational institution in which we received good feedback, I pick them for my son. He really enjoys the content that is different from other textbooks. And most importantly, the educational background music is so much fun! It makes children naturally absorb any sentences that are necessary in the conversation, and is a natural way learning. My son and my students totally love and like to learn English correctly from Can Do.

Can Do: First Step Series is well-suited for students at kindergarten level as it covers common everyday vocabulary. In addition, students learn more with simple instructions. I am also fond of songs which can be used for preteaching session.

Adopting Can Do Learning Resources is the right solution. With its handy lesson plans, it enables teachers to concentrate more on the ‘teaching’ side rather than on the ‘preparing’ side. As a results, our students have better English language proficiency. The proficiency is shown by our students’ higher scores on all English exams.

Can Do: First Step Series is good for the young learners who need to get their full potential in first step English. With Can Do Series’ Teacher’s Book and teaching aids such as posters and flahscards, the teachers will be fully facilitated, and thus assist the young learners in achieving their higher development.

Can Do: First Step Series integrates three ingredients the students need to achieve in their first-step English: firstly, its student-based contents; secondly, its motivating learning activities, and lastly, its resourceful lesson plans and teaching aids.

Can Do: Primary Series contents and its design is well-suited for students at primary level. Besides language practice, there are brilliant activities which are integrated from other subjects. I’ve adopted when in my class and students are really fond of them.

Teacher Kaew krukeaw.com

Kanyarat Chatrakrisaeree English Teacher, Mater Dei School, Bangkok

Angela Charumilinda Ph.D., Director of Tubtong School, Bangkok

Angela Charumilinda Ph.D., Director of Tubtong School, Bangkok

Jitimon Tanetchotikorn The Assistant Director for Student Discipline, Rajini School, Bangkok

Kanittha Kitchawat Director, Pibulsongkram Uppatham School, Ratchaburi

Peeradee Yanudom Primary 2 Teacher, Rajini School, Bangkok